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Networking group,Wine and Couscous at Vinideus

Smart networkers know that networking is about showing an interest in and learning from others.

Whether you are self-employed or working for a company, networking is one of the critical skills you need in today's work environment. Your network can help you quickly respond to work changes (e.g. downsizings, client loss) by putting you in touch with new contacts and opportunities.
When hosting a party at Vinideus, we take care of our guests. We take their coats, get them a drink, introduce them to other guests and do whatever we can to make them feel comfortable. You'll automatically put yourself in a position to meet more people and make others feel comfortable.

Giving is the basic premise of networking because, as they say, -What goes around comes around- and people will usually want to help you in return. Through discussion and interaction we can learn and grow as individuals and professionals. Gathering at Vinideus will give you the venue for many great connections.

Free wine tasting and small class at 6pm.

RSVP 503 284 2795

Freely introduce individuals within your network who might benefit from meeting each other.

A good network is an active network.

Official Website: http://www.vinideus.net

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