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If you're planning on attending any live seminars, workshops, bootcamps or the like in the next 12 months, then you do NOT want to miss this call!

On this call, you'll learn how to use the connections you make at live events to not just recoup your investment in attending the event, but to totally EXPLODE your business!

Online, people know Gina Gaudio-Graves as "The JV Queen" because she's been responsible for so many successful product launches and joint ventures. On this call, Gina will share her secrets for using live events to build relationships that turn into mountains of cash (both for Gina as a "JV Broker" and for her clients!) almost effortlessly!

Gina has helped DOZENS of entrepreneurs just like you kick start their businesses by attending LIVE events and networking the RIGHT way while there.

If you aren't yet going to live events, you're making a BIG mistake!

Attending live events is the single FASTEST way of getting your business to bring in profits consistently, month after month!

If you don't yet have a list of at least 5,000 subscribers, or a product of your own that's digital, or consistent traffic of 10,000 or more visitors to your site, the EASIEST way of getting all these things is to network at a live event!

On Wednesday's call, you'll learn how attending a single live event can get you ALL of this and more! Topics include:

... Learn how to create business cards that get you noticed and remembered

... Learn how to get other people to spread YOUR business card around at an event (That way you don't have to even try to meet everyone at the event! The other attendees can help make sure that your name gets in front of EVERYONE -- even if you don't personally talk to them!)

... There's a right way and a wrong way to introduce yourself! Get this one thing wrong and you'll never again talk to the people you meet!

... There's one essential skill that you need to profit from live events and you'll learn how to master it on this call!

... and MUCH more!

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