Barcelona, Catalonia

Organized by the Consorci Universitat Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de Barcelona (CUIMPB) - Centre Ernest Lluch, the targets of the course are decision-takers and policy-makers in companies and organizations both public and private, willing to understand as the new relational models both with citizens and with employees and collaborators are modifying their organizations, their communication strategies and their market development.

A massively connected society, with an almost continuous access to information, higher mobility and speech freedom, more urban, more free time, and more technology available to create, remix and share … is the adequate medium to transform the information society to the network society, a new model redefining concepts as identity, community, citizenship, authority and power, participation or property, and affecting greatly to every institution, being business, markets or governments. In this process, many institutions and organizations relevant in the construction of the future, both in the medium and large range, are becoming marginal to the network society. Also a digital divide is affecting to our elites, with access to the Internet but disconnected of the network society.

This course is a place for the meeting and debate of the leaders integrated in the network society that both from the analysis as from the practice are working to reduce the divide between the relevant organizations and the network society. Different personalities from the business, politics and public administration developing their activities in the communication, innovation and strategy of their organizations will participate. The objective is to have a transversal dialogue, exceeding the topics and types of organizations. For this reason a format combining plenary speakers and conversations among guests and the other participants has been selected.

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