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In May 2007, 350 members of the NetSquared community are invited to the Cisco campus for a new technologies for social benefit project incubation platform. Building on the strength of the NetSquared community and the success of the first-ever NetSquared 2006 Conference, N2Y2 further extends our efforts to bring corporate and public philanthropist together with web developers, nonprofits, NGOs and the nonprofit-serving tech (NTAP) community. The challenge to us all will be to define and develop proposals with:

the deepest social benefit potential
utilization of innovative social tools and
the strongest levels of collaboration and commitment.
In other words, let’s turn the best nonprofit technology ideas into real tools that can help change the world.

Official Website: http://www.netsquared.org/2007/conference

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When are we going to be able to register for this? :-)


Hi Everyone,
If you're interested in participating, please fill out this brief online form and tell us how you will contribute to the goals of the event and of the presenting projects:


The goal of this year's Net2 Year2 Conference is:

1) to accelerate 21 great startup projects that utilize new technologies to achieve social impact, and

2) to enable these projects to access essential resources and support that that will help them move forward.

NetSquared Year Two (N2Y2) isn't a gathering of talking heads: it's a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty working session. This year's conference will focus on accelerating the progress of the 21 Featured Projects. And we're committed to making sure these social benefit technology projects present to a group that can really help them move forward and succeed by providing essential resources, including: money, development skills and time, in-kind contributions and services, technical support and other forms of organizational support, etc.