747 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94103

On Monday, May 7, the day before the 2007 JavaOne Conference, the NetBeans™ Software Team is hosting a FREE companion event at the Moscone Center. See how the NetBeans IDE continues to lead with the latest technology. Learn from the experts about what's new and what's coming: JRuby Scripting, Swing GUI Building with Matisse, the new installer, editor improvements and more. Find out what a Schliemann is!

Hear from the experts. James Gosling, the father of Java™, will discuss the future of Java and developer tools. The NB Evangelism Team will be there, along with the Java Posse. There will also be keynotes by Jonathan Schwartz, President and CEO of Sun MicroSystems, and Rich Green, Sun's Executive Vice President for Software. Last year was SRO, so Register Now!

Official Website: http://www.netbeans.org/community/articles/javaone/2007/nb-day.html

Added by starpause on March 23, 2007