1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

RSVP :http://www.meetup.com/sfnetsquared/calendar/11043219/
Socialbrite team has been big fans of NetSquared and its global series of Net Tuesday meetups for years.
So they were honored when Sarah Kennon invited Socialbrite to be the featured guest on Sept. 8, 2009, at Net Tuesday San Francisco, and even more jazzed when PariSoMa agreed to provide the venue.

Agenda: Spotlighting tools and causes

Socialbrite will first show some of the things they do, including their Sharing Center and community widgets.
For the second half of the evening they would like to showcase some other community-focused organizations with a strong social media component, most likely a 5-minute talk followed by 5 to 10 minutes of questions from the audience.
Some possibilities :
• Your organization. If you have a community-spirited effort that involves social media or uses social tools for social change, drop me a note and let's discuss.
• Public Media Collaborative, which brings together bloggers, journalists, technologists, media & environmental justice folks, community organizers and activists from around the Bay area to explore and discuss social justice and emerging technology issues in a way that links theory and practice.
• The Extraordinaries, a way to volunteer for worthy efforts by using your mobile phone during your free time (their video interview with co-founder Ben Rigby will go up here soon).
Or, if you have a suggestion about showcasing a group or cause that you're not leading but think they deserve a Net Tuesday appearance, let us know that, too.
Looking forward to connecting!

Light snacks, beers, wines, sodas to be served

Official Website: http://www.socialbrite.org/2009/08/04/socialbrite-to-appear-at-net-tuesday/

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