3496 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

nerdnite is a forum where nerds get together for nerdery of all sorts.

"it's like National Geographic with beer" - Trevor Penn, bartender/comedian/entrepeneur

See the recent Globe article for more info.

the first nerd nite of the summer is this friday!

our speakers are:

10 PM Suzy Renn - Harvard - Comparative functional genomics of sex-role behavior

10:45-ish Jessica Girard - Harvard - Prairie dogs and plague: as dangerous a combination as running with scissors or a sharp stick

11:30ish - Caitlin Anderson- Harvard - Probably a general impressionistic comparison of 18th and 19th-century British society... heavy on 18th-cen sex, gin, and gambling, contrasted to Victorian moralism and sexual neuroses...

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