2345 Channing Way
Berkeley, California 94704

Presented by Cody's and held at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley.


Added by rhiannonstone on August 28, 2005



More info from Cody's:

a complimentary admission ticket will be given with each purchase at Cody's of a copy of ANANSI BOYS beginning September 20, the day the book goes on sale.

Books and tickets may be preordered by calling 510-845-7852 or emailing [email protected]

[PLEASE NOTE:If you want an additional ticket, it will be necessary to purchase a second copy of ANANSI BOYS, or a copy of either MIRRORMASK or THE ALCHEMY OF MIRRORMASK at Cody's. Please understand this restriction on tickets stems solely from the somewhat limited space we will be in. We urge you to plan to attend well in advance, as we cannot guarantee seats at the door; but you may call 510.845.7852 from 10 AM until 4 PM the day of the event to inquire if seating is still available. Regarding Neil's book signing time: he, and we, are happy to allow as many copies of ANANSI BOYS purchased from Cody's as you wish to have signed; you may request two additional items be signed for each customer. Neil's signing lines are long, but rest assured everyone will be accommodated. You'll receive a numbered card when you arrive, so you will have some idea of how long a wait, and whether you can go for coffee!]


I'll be there with bells on. WOO!