1007 Market Steet
San Francisco, California 94103

"Neck Face says... beat your kids"

The luggage store is presenting an exhibition of Neck Face; and The Date Farmers./curated by Darryl Smith/Laurie lazer and co organized by New Image Art/Los Angeles.

After 20 year old's  Neck Face's first solo exhibition at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, ?Witch Hunt? and  the subsequent publication of his book by KAWS, Satan's Bride!!!  the luggage store/san francisco will feature metal sculpture masks, mixed media sculpture and paintings by Neck Face.

Neck Face is most known for writing NECK FACE -scrawled  over the walls of  New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco (see recent article in The New Yorker)..

The Date Farmers, Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma of Coachella Valley  (after meeting each other, they learned that both of their father's farmed ?dates,? hence their name --  The Date Farmers), often collaborate in their art, collage drawings,and words on discarded signs. Reminiscent of Mexican Revolutionary posters ala/Pancho Villa, as if Cesar Chavez is knocking on our door., Ramirez and Lerma explore the essential reality of the roots of California past and present culture. Their art depicts Mexican American religious icons and their style resembles prison art - their lettering  strong in a low rider tradition of bold sign painting.

The luggage store
1007 market street near 6th
san Francisco, ca 94103
tel. 415. 255 5971

Gallery Hours: Wed-Saturday, 12-5pm

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