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Near Life Experience
Ballet Preljocaj
Choreography by Angelin Preljocaj
Music by Air

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
Nov 3 at 8pm
Nov 4?6 at 7:30pm
Tickets: $20, 45
77min, no intermission

A choreographer known for technically dazzling, uncompromisingly modern works that defy easy categorization, Angelin Preljocaj returns to BAM with the U.S. premiere of Near Life Experience. A distinct departure from his 2002 Next Wave program, which featured Preljocaj?s tender/tough Rite of Spring and the tightly wound Helikopter, this full-evening work evolves from the inside out, exploring how an instant of abandon?a fainting spell, an ecstatic moment, a trance, an orgasm?offers the opportunity for both intense bodily sensation and detachment.

Set to an original composition by the French electro pop duo Air (known for
their music for Sofia Coppola?s The Virgin Suicides and this year?s achingly beautiful album, Talkie Walkie), Near Life Experience fine-focuses on altered states of mind and soul. Through their virtuosic, precisely rendered movements, nine performers travel a delicate line veering from tense, physical contact to spiritual, body-abandoning sensations. As imagined by Preljocaj, it?s a kind of magic in which corporeal realities give way to the transcendent.

Near Life Experience is co-produced by Th??tre National de Marseille la Cri?e, Th??tre de la Ville-Paris, Festival Montpellier Danse 2003, Festival d?Avignon, Le Groupe Partouche - Casino municipal Aix/Thermal.

Scenery by Angelin Preljocaj in collaboration with Tom Pye
Lighting by Patrick Riou
Costumes by Gilles Rosier

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