Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Paatuwaqatsi: Water, Land & Life Punalka: El Alto Biobio Esta Tierra es Nuestra La Lucha del Agua
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 12 noon

Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson Theater


Native Film: Collection of Short Documentaries

Introduced by Victor Masayesva, Jr. (Hopi), director of Paatuwaqatsi. Discussion with filmmaker to follow screening.

Paatuwaqatsi: Water, Land & Life [2004, 20 min. U.S.] A documentary of Hopi life focuses on the battle being fought by the Black Mesa Trust, to try to prevent coal industry from using the aquifer that is the source for Hopi and Navajo of their only drinking water to slurry-mine coal. Directed: Victor Masayesva, Jr. (Hopi). Produced by Black Mesa Trust.

Punalka: El Alto Biobio[1995, 26 min., Chile] Mapuche land rights and way of life are explored in relation to a dam project on the Biobio River. In Mapuche with English subtitles. Director: Jeannette Paillan (Mapuche).

Esta Tierra es Nuestra/This Land Is Ours [2003, 11 min., Mexico] The Nahua of Guerrero, Mexico speak out against a hydroelectric project which threatens their communities. In Spanish with English subtitles. Director: Guillermo Monteforte.

La Lucha del Agua/Water and Autonomy [2003, 14 min., Mexico] A look at how indigenous communities in Chiapas are solving the problem of the lack of potable water in ways that protect existing water sources. In Spanish and Tzeltal with English subtitles. Director: Israel (Tzeltal). Produced by the Chiapas Media Project-Promedios.

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