125,Gloucester Road
Brighton, England BN1 4AF

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) have nominated 23rd November as
National Freelancers Day and there will be events happening all over the
country to support and celebrate freelancers and contractors.

Crunch.co.uk/Freelance Advisor, Contractor Mortgages Made Easy and the
Farm are getting together to help the PCG put on the Brighton event. As
Brighton and Hove have the highest per capita number of freelancers in
the country, our night will of course be the best ;-)

It'll start at 7.30pm on Monday 23rd November in the Eagle pub. There
will be a few talks, a long networking session with plenty of beer and
lots of interesting people to meet. This is going out to PCG members as
well as our normal lists so there should be a load of new people to meet
on the night who don't usually come out to Brighton's new media groups.

If you're a freelancer, contractor, or interested in becoming one,
please come along. It'll be a great night.

The event will consist beer and discussion about:

* The Future of Freelancing - how is business changing and what does business need from people?
* Are we doing enough to pave the way for future trends?
* Is there anything else politicians, business leaders or freelancers should be doing?
* What is Freelancing, why is it different from employment? Why is it necessary?
* The Personal Brand: Is experience the currency of the future?
* Why Freelancing is necessary (personally and for the economy)
* How do expectations differ from reality?
* How has recession impacted upon the marketplace for freelancers?
* Delivering Productivity and Innovation. Absorbing risk.
* The role of technology: What do you feel has been the biggest fundamental technological impact on the freelance sector?
* What core message should PCG be campaigning on to support freelancing?
* What do you see as the fundamental constraints on the Freelance Sector? How could these be overcome?

* Then off to the bar!

Added by Mat Walker on November 3, 2009



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