On Town Lake / 208 Barton Spgs
Austin, Texas 78704


Austin, Tejas
Hyatt Regency
March 19-22, 2008

Poesia, Baile y Cancion:
The Politics, Implications, and Future of Chicana/os' Cultural Production

The theme for the 2008 annual conference calls attention to the ways in which Chicana/o communities continue to make voices heard through various forms of cultural production, such as poetry, film, literature, low riders, graffiti, clothing, radio, multimedia art, and performance. Chicana/o Studies has continuously challenged, contested, and revised the ways in which scholars understand the power of culture and its role in the formation of mass media, schools, public policy processes, healthcare practices, employment opportunities and identity. We are at a moment in which we need to better understand how Chicana/o and Latina/o communities engage in cultural politics on a daily basis while also examining the multi-layered complexity of this engagement. Chicana/o Studies within and outside of the academy has historically examined the links between theory and praxis as well as the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality as experienced within Chicanas/o communities. The performance, embodiment, and challenges over culture are meaningful and critically important, especially in the current era that attempts to exclude and erase the lived realities of Chicana/os and Latina/os. The theme invites papers that examine the politics, implications, and future of Chicana/os' cultural production, and we are especially interested in papers that consider mujer-produced cultural production and the ways in which mujeres have used cultural forms to highlight issues on gender, sexuality, violence, and voicelessness. Proposals that also explore crossborder/transnational cultural production and social movements across the Americas are also encouraged. NACCS calls for submissions that address the Chicana/o cultural politics in all its forms and how these formations are attempts to make our voices heard in the movement towards social justice.

Deadlines to Remember:
Call for Papers: Final day for submission: Monday, October 15 by 5:00 p.m. PT. Submission process is still not open but will be available soon.
NACCS Scholar Nominations: Friday, October 5, postmarked. NO faxes or e-mail nominations are accepted.
Cervantes Student Premio: Saturday, October 13, postmarked.

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