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The tenth Luna Philosophie will feature Doug Comstock, who directs NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP). He will speak on some of the technological breakthroughs that have come through partnering with NASA.


Come learn about how NASA works with external organizations to bring space technology down to Earth, and bring new technologies from outside of NASA into the organization. Part of the talk will focus on IPP's Centennial Challenges Program, NASA's 'citizen inventor' program, with an upcoming event in Santa Rosa for a "Green Prize" for aviation transportation.

Some topics to discuss include:
* How do you successfully foster innovation in large organizations?
* How do partnerships factor into the future of NASA?
* What are some of the most surprising benefits of space technology to the general public?

WHEN: Tuesday, August 5, 2008 from 6:00 PM ­ 8:00 PM
6:00 ­ 6:30 PM Socializing
6:30 ­ 7:00 PM Presentation by Doug Comstock
7:00 ­ 7:30 PM Discussion
7:30 ­ 8:00 PM Socializing

Please RSVP to [email protected]

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