500 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94107

Creon Levit of the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division will be at the Brickhouse for an evening of food, drink, and learning.

Exploratory data analysis is often useful, and is always fun. However, most visual data analysis tools cannot handle "real" datasets (i.e. datasets that are both large and high-dimensional). Creon will present Viewpoints, a new open-source application for interactive visual exploration of large high-dimensional data.
Viewpoints leverages the power of modern graphics processing units (GPUs) to enable real-time graphical data mining in datasets containing many millions of samples with dozens (or even hundreds) of variables per sample. Some examples of its use at NASA are analyses of intergalactic sky survey data, satellite trajectories, space vehicle design studies, supercomputer simulations, climate models, and earthquake predictions. Viewpoints is fast, fun, and has almost no learning curve. We will discuss its genesis and implementation, show some demonstrations, and (time permitting) mention likely future enhancements. The presentation will consist almost entirely of pictures.

RSVP to [email protected] for details, attendance is limited

Added by Shanley on October 26, 2007