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NANKING - West Coast Premier of a New Film (EVT 183)

Fresh from its inaugural screening at the Sundance Film Festival

Three-Time Academy Award Winners:
Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman

In the winter of 1937, an invading Japanese army entered the Chinese city of Nanking. Two hundred thousand people were killed, and tens of thousands of Chinese women were raped. In the midst of this mayhem, a small group of expatriate Westerners -- missionaries, businessmen, college professors, and doctors -- attempted to create an oasis of safety to protect the citizens they could. It is through their eyes, by means of letters, diaries, and other reports of the destruction, that filmmakers Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman reveal the events of that terrible time.

Utilizing actors to read these accounts, and interwoven with archival footage, testimony, and interviews with both survivors and perpetrators, Nanking exposes the all-too-familiar horrors of war but also affirms the extraordinary impact that individuals can make.

Thursday, April 12
7:00 PM
Cubberley Auditorium (School of Education)
Stanford University

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