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Audacia Ray reads and discusses her first book, "Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads, and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration"

About the author: Audacia Ray is an executive editor of $pread, a magazine by and for sex workers, and is a contributor to the porn blog Fleshbot. Her first book, Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration, is being published by Seal Press in June 2007. In the summer of 2006 Audacia wrote and directed her first feature adult film, The Bi Apple, which she produced in New York City under the auspices of her Waking Vixen Productions. The film was released by Adam & Eve Pictures in February 2007. For the past two years she has curated $pread magazine¹s annual exhibition of sex worker art, Sex Worker Visions. She has a BA in Cultural Studies from Eugene Lang College, an MA in American Studies from Columbia University and has studied at the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Audacia lives in Brooklyn and online at WakingVixen.com.

About the book: Few things are more misunderstood and cause more fear and suspicion than the combination of female sexuality and the Internet. Naked on the Internet explores how women use cyberspace, personally and professionally, to learn about themselves, connect with others, and make a living. Author Audacia Ray then goes further, examining the Internet as a valuable ‹ though often problematic sexual space.

Ray combines her insider's knowledge with the voices of a variety of women whose firsthand experiences include camming, chatting, and making websites; dating, hooking up, and forming friendships; sex and relationship blogging; and making porn and doing other forms of sex work. She also examines the power of sexual health and online support communities and the technology that enables physical sexual encounters.

Naked on the Internet is a guide to the ways women use, experience, and cash in on the Internet, as well as a critical analysis of the empowering and oppressive aspects of women's online experiences.

Official Website: http://wakingvixen.com

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