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Shanghai, Shanghai

Sound Currents presents the Nakatani-Chen Duo at Harley?s Bar on Saturday, November 19, as they visit Shanghai on their tour of Southeast Asia in support of their brand new CD Limn, released this summer on the H&H Production label.

The Nakatani-Chen Duo will perform two sets of free improvisations, with Audrey Chen performing on cello and voice and Tatsuya Nakatani on percussion. Both musicians have presented their unique, creative, and experimental music to receptive audiences around the world and collaborated with a wide range of musicians, dancers, and other artists, gathering significant acclaim along the way. Their inventive collaboration draws on the traditions of free jazz, rock, classical, and the music of other cultures, while exploring new techniques of performance and new modes of expression.

Opening for the Nakatani-Chen Duo, Ben Houge will perform a set of recent music involving real-time computer manipulation of sound, including a new live performance version of his 2004 work Radiospace, which digitizes, fragments, and redisperses an incoming signal from a radio in real time.

45 RMB ticket includes free drink. For more information visit www.soundcurrents.org.

在Nakatani-Chen Duo在东南亚为他们今年夏天在 H&H Production旗下发行的新专辑Limn宣传造势之际,Sound Currents有幸邀请他们来到上海,于11月19日在Harley?s Bar进行表演。

Nakatani-Chen Duo届时将即兴表演两段他们的自由创作,Chen演奏大提琴并担任主音,Tatsuya Nakatani为鼓手。这两位音乐家都曾为世界各地对音乐嗅觉敏锐的观众们展示过他们独一无二,极富创造力的实验性音乐,并与众多音乐家,舞蹈家和其他艺术家进行过合作,受到广泛的赞誉。在探索新的表演技巧和表现方式的同时,他们也通过传统的自由爵士,摇滚,古典和其他文化的音乐来构建他们创造性的合作形式。

在Nakatani-Chen Duo开幕表演的同时,Ben HOUGE也将现场表演一系列用电脑操控的声音,包括他2004年作品Radiospace的新演绎版本,将现场收音机接收到的信号进行数字化,分离和重新传播。

门票: 45元(含一杯饮料).
若需更多信息,请访问: www.soundcurrents.org

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