Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St #252
Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C7

For the month of March, NAISA's installation space will be filled with everyday man-made objects especially selected for the interesting sounds they make when struck or played, offering you a chance to play with sound and manipulate it live. Every Saturday evening there will be performances by Toronto sound artists to help raise funds for NAISA’s educational and presentation opportunities for sound and media artists.

For those not able to attend in person, you can download-by-donation the many audio recordings of the found objects and performances on them by other supporters of NAISA, beginning March 1st. Download audio by donation starting March 1st: recordings of performances & found objects  Celebrate with a bash that lasts!  Thanks to Sound Bash sponsor Charles Street Video.

March 1st also marks the launch date of NAISA's installation space as a rentable space for sound and media artists. Go to for more info.

March 19 performance by Alan Bloor (
“Alan Bloor (aka Knurl) is one of the premier noise artists in Canada...” Alien8Recordings. Knurl began as a solo project in late 1994. It was formed from an idea to take music as we know it and strip it entirely of what we know music to be: its rhythm, melody & verse/chorus. The inspiration came from working in welding shops and wanting to harness the sounds of cutting and grinding metal and putting them in a sound project.

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