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Due to many factors including rising energy costs, potential global climate change, and general environmental awareness the “green movement” has arrived at a tipping point to where it has becoming impossible to watch television for more than fifteen minutes without viewing content that relates in some way to green. As a result future renters are more likely to seek out properties that are environmentally friendly. In addition to energy cost savings and the profits to be made by capturing green conscience renters, multitudes of governments at the local, state and federal levels have promulgated green regulations that affect the multifamily housing industry. Jurisdictions have enacted new green building codes, incentives, and regulations for the efficient use of energy in the operation of real estate.

Therefore, in light of the fact that the green movement has many divergent and potentially confusing aspects NAA will host a conference that assembles experts from all sections of the green building/management movement (green development (general green, mixed use, transit oriented, etc), green building criteria, green marketing, green property management, etc) under one roof so that attendees will come away with a complete understanding of how green will affect and potentially benefit their multifamily property.

Educational topics offered at the conference will include:

1. The National Green Building Standard and LEED- What They Mean to the Multifamily Housing Industry
2. Greening Multifamily Properties and Enhancing Your Net Operating Income
3. Green Regulations, Incentives and Mandates
4. The Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Design
5. The Multifamily Investor and Apartment Resident - Will They Care
6. Supplying Green Builders, Developers and Managers

In addition to the education sessions, the conference will feature a state of the art trade show for apartment industry suppliers to showcase their valuable green products and services.

Official Website: http://www.naahq.org/events/green/Pages/default.aspx

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This is the National Apartment Association, in case anyone is curious.