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Added by delineator on October 3, 2006



This is utter nonsense. I like the illustration on the web site though.


Utter nonsense is that we call this a democracy when Labour received 22% of the total possible electorate votes yet has 55% of the seats in the House of Commons.

We should demand a change to a proportional representation system. New Zealand chose via referendum in 1993 to change from 'First Past the Post' to 'Mixed Member Proportional' representation. Perhaps the UK should follow their lead:


What's that got to do with parliament? This is muddled Anarchy.


Agreed that protests of this nature don't create change.

Better to invest energy in trying to change the electoral system, if you're a person so inclined:


The point isn't that they don't create change - the cause is either stupid or confused. The Labour Party's one thing, the government's another, *Parliament* is something *altogether* different.

To suggest that we should do away with Parliament is suggesting that anarchy, in the political sense, is preferable to democracy.

Stupid, or confused, the content of the web site is gibberish.

Did I mention the illustration though? That's great.