662 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94105

It's official! After months of booking, registration and hoops we have managed to get everyone access to the hottest party in town. Our plans for an evening at the http://upcoming.org/event/46515 is still on for Thursday night but Wednesday will be MPG's MWSF meetup party at Fluid SF. Fluid is an upscale nightclub with great architectual design, amazing service and a much more manageable location than our previous plans at Club 5 or the Clift. We have made an agreement with Liquid for free access to Macworld badge holders and MPG employees. You can view photos of the club http://www.fluidsf.com/smg/venue.html.

Dress stylish but this is not a button down shirt affair. Look for the http://www.cafepress.com/mypg or MWSF conference badges and you can assured they are with us. If all else fails meet at the http://www.fluidsf.com/smg/images_event/fluid09.jpg. If you would like, I will be there at 10PM outside the doors and will enter at 10:15 so arrive early if you would like. They are open late but be warned that drinks are pricy so bring your AMEX.

Please subscribe to this event or email me at [email protected]

Added by adamjackson1984 on January 5, 2006



I want to come, but I wont be able to make it until after 12. Will you still be partying at that time?


that's fine I'll still be there.