309 Cortland Avenue
San Francisco, California

Please come to the My Sisters', softball sluts, season ending fun-raiser.

Help our insatiable desire to compete, and send us to Seattle for the Gay Softball World Series!


We are having a beer bust with jello shots, a raffle, and cute softball people. Come by to say hello and have a drink.

I will be there, representing my team, and I'm going to Seattle too. I want to see you all out at Straybar that Sunday!

Added by kmeelyon on June 26, 2008



wish i could! i have plans to see some out of towners that day at the exact same time. but i can give you some cash!


Hmm. Yeah, gonna have to play this one by ear 'cause of some work deadlines. But hopefully I will make it!


Work deadlines?! Out of towners? Didn't you two hear me? There will be cute softball chix and jello shots!