1608 H St NW
Washington, District of Columbia

There is only 1 day left until my Rally to Win Condi's Heart in Lafayette Park, right across from the White House in Washington DC! Please come show your support for me, as I try to fight for my love.

I'd really like as many people to come and show their support for me as possible! Bring signs and banners - because we are going to march right up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the State Department!

I'd also like to sing a song I had written for Condi, "I Think Of You So Fondly". It would be totally awesome if people learned the song (check my site, http://www.courtingcondi.com to hear it!), and helped me sing and dance along to it at the rally, like our very own MGM musical for Condi, this Saturday, December 8th at 11:30AM-1PM in front of the White House and 2:30-4:30 in front of the State Department!

This will be a fun event like no other in our rich history - so come and participate - and meet me!

Official Website: http://www.courtingcondi.com/

Added by emperorm2000 on December 7, 2007