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Los Angeles, California 90064

My Morning Jacket fans will have the opportunity to watch the band's new concert film on October 30th in 5.1 Surround Sound. Come experience this unique live show in pure digital cinema.

Okonokos live film captures the band’s heavenly set, preserving their modern classics while simultaneously allowing the viewer to enter their bewitching world. With the aid of director, Sam Erickson, and the trailblazing lighting designer Marc Brickman, applauded for his work with Pink Floyd, they were able to add a phosphorous glow to the already celestial environment that was created.

The mammoth reverberations and illuminations encountered on Okonokos (DVD) were birthed in the backwoods of My Morning Jacket's imagination. Inspired by a fairytale-like performance in Tokyo, the band decided to adorn their mysterious set with qualities akin to an old growth forest, capturing the essence of a timeless, nameless, anonymous place. The theme of straddling the line between the surreal and the actual is introduced at the filmís prologue when a cast of characters draped in Victorian-era costume, along with one alpaca, are introduced. And so emerges a truly authentic live compendium.

Whether they’re performing alongside Guided By Voices, the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, the Boston Pops, or partaking in a wide array of festivals from Bonnaroo to Coachella, from High Sierra to Lollapalooza, the band always seems right at home. My Morning Jacket will continue to prove that their music knows no boundaries; it consistently appeals to people of varying backgrounds, ages and scenes.

Official Website: http://movies.aol.com/movie/my-morning-jacket-okonokos/27669/main

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I don't really know them that well, let me know how it went!


Ok Nick. It was odd. I had no idea they rocked so hard. Also, it sold out and I snuck in and Don almost won an autographed Les Paul Guitar. If I had won, it would have been on eBay within 2 hours of my departure from the dinner following the movie. Also, the dinner was excellent. We went to Sisley and had their glorious bread sticks. Mmm. Bread.