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Love it or tolerate it, social networking has become a constant in most of our lives. We catch up with friends, meet new people, and network in our respective industries. But what if you had the opportunity to be someone else… say, a Russian Spy. Would you take it?

On June 27, 2010 Anna Chapman -a woman who shares my name- and 9 of her Russian cohorts were found in the US, arrested, and deported back to Russia. On July 2nd my Facebook page became Anna’s portal to the world of social media. Come join me to find out just how my month was spent as the Russian Facebook spy. I want to share my story and talk about this crazy thing we call social media.

Official Website: http://thenewcommunicators.com/2010/08/06/my-month-as-a-russian-facebook-spy/

Added by The New Communicators on August 9, 2010