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Our 2nd tour of San Francisco will be a blast.

Here are some photos from last year

- We meet at 3PM at the foot of Powell St. where the cable cars begin.
- You will purchase your cable car ticket and ride up to Union square for photo opprotunities and back aboard the cable car over the big hill down to pier 39 and Fisherman's wharf.
- Grab a quick snack and get some T-shirts because a quick walk over to Coit tower is where you'll find yourself next.
- We then ride the train back down to Market St. and from there it's up to your. we can head downtown, over to golden gate park or, as we did last year, take the BART train down to Castro for sights and some excellent Thai food.
- Up for more? Back over the union sq. area for drinks and general conversation.

The event will be open to anyone. It would be nice if you RSVP to my email or click on the attend button on this post. Want to be a part of the crowd? Pick up the MWSF clothing ( ).

We'll see you there.

Added by adamjackson1984 on December 16, 2005



Sounds like funn. Count me in, and thanks for organizing this!



Sure will. It's great to have you participate. I can't wai to see you tomorrow!


thanks for those that attended