55 Cyril Magnin Street
San Francisco, California

This it not my event I am just attending:

The Party For The People
People said I was crazy to even consider a party where every Macworld Expo attendee was welcome, without invitations. But I wanted a gathering where no one had to worry about landing an invitation and people could have real converstations without stepping outside and freezing. And I had faith in Mac users. The party was a hit from the start ? so this year we celebrate the Mac and Macworld Expo with the 3rd annual Party For The People, thanks to our great sponsors.

More info at the link (http://www.shadovitz.com/partyforthepeople06/index.html)

Added by adamjackson1984 on December 16, 2005



cool beans! I can't wait. not oing to be as exciting as the inside mac party but definetly worth attending!


Deb knows how to throw a party!