813 Saint Emanuel St
Houston, Texas 77003

The Mute Math dynamic can be viewed in parts. At its core, an inspired electro-alt rock band with a soaring sound that incorporates emotive vocals, hip hop styled beats, dubby soundscapes fueled by sample-like guitars and Rhodes piano flourishes, keytars, a homemade instrument (a Theremin- inspired guitar) and other random gadgets. The other is a finely tuned live act, with a highly infectious and equally energetic show, that's accented by the occasional acrobatics, experimental jams, knob twiddling and bouts of instrumental switcheroo that emboldens the player's chops. That's good, because music fans are always looking for something new to excite and intrigue them, and that is executed well. Mute Math definitely deserves a look- they nail it on record, and they kill it live. These are the elements that help Mute Math click with the fans of old and new, on a daily basis. Hailing from Tyler, Texas, Eisley is made up of four siblings: guitarist/vocalist Sherri, vocalist/ keyboardist Stacy, guitarist Chauntelle and drummer Weston DuPree, as well as their longtime neighbor, bassist Jon Wilson. They play "dreamy, high-minded pop far more akin to Coldplay, Bjork and Radiohead than Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears."

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