St Marys Quay, Gateshead Quays
Newcastle upon tyne, England

Music Lovers? Field Companion

your informative guide in the search for new aural pleasures 20/21/22 May 05 The Sage Gateshead Box Office: 0870 703 4555
?11: Day Pass // ?26: Festival Pass
In an ever changing musical landscape, the Sage Gateshead presents a festival of performances from some of the most exhilarating and urgent underground musicians the world has to offer, artists who define genres, break moulds and inspire scenes; it?s an exploration of the bold and exciting in new music and something we think you daren?t miss.

Friday 20 May:
Keiji Haino: ?The Secret of Music?
[a special 4 hour solo set using more than 40 instruments]

Saturday 21 May:
Vibracathedral Orchestra
My Cat Is An Alien
Kazuo Imai
Luc Ferrari & eRikm: ?Les ProtoRythmiques?
Takehisa Kosugi
Sunday 22nd May:
Shuji Inaba
Kyoaku No Intention [Munehiro Narita/ Shoji Hano]

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