14 - 17 Manchester Street
Brighton, England BN2 1TF

This is a chance for geeks, digital media entrepreneurs, musicians, indie record labels, music journos and anyone interested in music and the digital world to get together and explore overlaps.

Digital has revolutionised music and the music industry. The opportunities that it has generated for people to share their music, talent spot and promote artists, and for artists to bypass record labels and create new economic models has created a fantastic amount of new thinking and acting which has left many of the record label behemoths rocking with confusion.

Come along toThe Latest Music Bar, Brighton on February 24th, hear Vlad Lodzinski, Chief Creative Officer of LP33 , an LA-based digital music business with the biggest music scout network in the world, on how he's approaching the reformation of the industry, and share your ideas in our first Music + Digital Social

Added by Wired Sussex on February 16, 2009