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Outsound Presents
Music by the Eyeful: Inventions in Visual Audio
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jean-luc sinclair and bridget batch (new york)
agnes szelag with the norman conquest
blakc pullet grimoire

about the artists

jean-luc sinclair and bridget batch [new york]
collaborating to create live film-music interpretations of Jean-Luc’s Musiques pour Cultes, an ongoing body of work that includes soundscapes and atmospheres written for the purpose of sonic and personal discovery. Parisian-born Sinclair (Trent Reznor, Helmet, Severine Baron) is an electronic composer who studied with Morton Subotnik, among others, at California Institute of the Arts. Composing almost entirely with C-Sound and Java, Sinclair often uses music generated by bio-rhythmic processes. American-born, internationally-exhibited photo and digital artist Batch’s varied projects often relate to intimate, internal responses to the onslaught of contemporary, over-stimulated culture.

agnes szelag with the norman conquest
Composer, performer and video/audio installation artist, Agnes will debut new work for video and sound with collaborator The Norman Conquest (Dokuro). Agnes' work explores the cognitive and aesthetic relationship of sound and visual media, creating interactive schemes that traverse a line between composition and improvisation. All of Agnes' work deals with transformation.

blakc pullet grimoire
The latest project of sound artist Wayne Grim, bLakcPulletGrimoire uses guitar, electronics and video, loops, feedback and environments, to summon a djinn and lead the audience in a metal doom noise drone of "Nades, Suradis, Maniner".

about music by the eyeful
a small part of the Creative New Music Series tended lovingly by Outsound Presents, Music by the Eyeful features inventions in visual music: from musician-filmmaker collaborations to optical instrument inventors to performative projectionists, and experimental work that highlights the sonic properties of visual art and the visual properties of music. Visit the project in thatspace for information about upcoming shows.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/musicbytheeyeful

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