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This spring, Filmmaker Magazine ran an article grouping a number of films and filmmakers into a movement they dubbed "mumblecore." These no-budget films have made inroads thanks in part to Netflix, Greencine, and other online supporters, and many have appeared at Northwest Film Forum. They mostly concern the lives and loves of artistic twenty-somethings. These films share an aesthetic and attitude of the life and loves of artistic twenty-somethings. We've hosted a number of the best-known practioners at NWFF recently; Andrew Bujalski (MUTUAL APPRECIATION, FUNNY HA HA) and Todd Rahal (GUATAMALAN HANDSHAKE). Both also star in Joe Swanberg's HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS as does Mark Duplass (of PUFFY CHAIR fame). Swanberg himself stars in Aaron Katz's QUIET CITY, which screens with HANNAH and DANCEPARTY USA in this program. Trying to keep track of who's in what film isn't only dizzying but irrelevant. What is important is that these films are forgin a cross-pollination of talented writers, actors, and directors, and creating a stir in the American film community. We're please to present a few of the most noteworthy recent additionss to this genre. NWFF will offer a Film Saloon discussion about "mumblecore" in which Katz, Duplass and local filmmaker Lynn Shelton will discuss the so-called movement and its role in the future of American independent cinema.

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