678 Warwick Road
Solihull, England B91 3DX

Leevi Graham will be popping over to the UK to join the Multipack for a curry after his trip to the European ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter conference 2009 in the Netherlands.

No doubt he'll have plenty to say on the event, plus a whole lot more since moving back to the Southern Hemisphere.

Join us for what is meant to be a damn fine Indian meal and a good evening.

Added by sijobling on October 6, 2009



Can you please let me know by tomorrow (Tuesday) lunchtime whether you'll be coming to this so I can book a table?

I'll be closing the Guestlist on Upcoming at 2pm on the dot.


I'll be there, but I'll be late (the missus has the car on Tues and public transport from here to there is not an option). Should be about 8 to 8.30pm. So save me a seat and I'll order something quick when I get there.


I'm coming straight from work (via @stuup, I think) so we'll be there in plenty of time (hopefully) but who knows due to the M6 and traffic!


Will try and convince emma to let me come


I’m coming, do I need to put my drinking shoes on?