Regency Wharf, Broad Street
Birmingham, England B1 2DF

This will be the date for the July 2007 meeting - the venue could change as well.

Official Website:

Added by sijobling on May 21, 2007



Any confirmation on the venue... we need definites here please...


Stick with Lloyds for this meeting. We can then discuss alternative venues (among other things) on the 14th.


Sorry guys - more house-based problems have cropped up and I won't be able to make this Saturday now.

I'm gutted as I was really keen to make this one and discuss some of those important things that have been discussed on the "mailing list".

Hopefully the few of you that look to be attending can sort out some of the issues anyway. I'll put some points on the forum for you print out and take with you anyway.


Hi all, as i was the only person to make the last multipack i could get arsey here but i won't ;) --

I have managed to make every multipack to the past 18 months but unfortunately this will be the first month i can't make it for a number of reasons:

1. I handed in my resignation this week at WAA (full story will following my blog soon), and now need to go car shopping.
2. It's the Overseal gala festival this Saturday and only comes along once a year.
3. Emma has had some family trouble and wants some quality time with me.
4. I have only ha 16 hours sleep this week and im starting to feel the pain.

Shame, i was really looking forward to this one after earlier discussions.. Please update the blog so i can catch up on this months meet.