The Old School House, 191 Fazeley Street
Birmingham, England B5 5SE

The second Multipack Presents concentrates on all aspects of "being green" and how the Internet can have a positive effect towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

We have confirmed presentations from two people extremely passionate about eco issues and have been using the Web to make life greener.

David Harte has been responsible for a lot of work in the Act On CO2 campaign in Birmingham and will be showing us how he and the team have been using the Internet to gauge CO2 emissions.

James Robertson will also be talking to us about how he set up the Birmingham Freecycle group using online resources and how he made it one of the most successful groups in the World.

Finally, Multipack resident Paul Lloyd will be lifting the lid on his latest project to make conferences more eco-friendly as well as intentions for other green issues around the Web.

There will also be the obligatory drinking session at nearby pub The Old Crown between 2-4pm, no doubt continued after the talks, giving you a chance to socialise with all those in attendance.

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Added by sijobling on April 3, 2009



James Robertson is the first confirmed presenter.

He will be talking about how he setup the Birmingham Freecycle group using online marketing through services like Yahoo! Groups.


We just have secured sponsorship from the fine folks down at Campaign Monitor.

We're open to suggestions for the most eco-friendly refreshments available in or around Birmingham. Ideally, said goods should be enjoyable like beer or pizza but we're open to new things.


I know of another possible 2 people who are coming on Saturday who aren't listed on upcoming. See you then guys!


Well, I've ordered food for approximately 15-20 due to the small numbers on Upcoming.

It might be a limited if there are a lot more coming than listed on Upcoming.


Just wanted to let every one know. There is no one manning the Fazeley Studios main reception on Saturday so we will have to use the rear enterance to get in on Floodgate Street:

If anyone is late can they call the One Black Bear main line on: 0121 224 7963 or if anyone has my mobile you can obviously get me on that.