4 Temple Row West
Birmingham, England B25NY

Topics for this meeting include:

* IE8 Beta 1
* What's going on at SXSW,
* 2 Years of YUI
* the iPhone SDK.

As added incentive to turn up, Si has some Yahoo! swag to give away!

Official Website: http://www.multipack.co.uk/events/2008/march

Added by sijobling on January 27, 2008



I'm making every effort to be at this one seeing as I missed February. Maybe we could hook up with Paul for a live chat from Austin...?


I've been meaning to attend an event for over a year, this is the one. Looking forward to meeting a few of you.


I've been viewing the multipack site for over a year now and I've never got around to attending a meet, I'm about to be going into web developement full time so I'm looking forward to getting involved.

sam hardacre

Will definitely try get down to this one : )


Hi - can't make it but you can track our SXSW progress at http://www.sxswm.com

Want us to go and do something for you and report back? let us know:

And if anyone else is going and wants to contribute let me know... [email protected]


I'm in manchester, sorry

Ollie Relph

Hopefully, I should be able to make this one. It'll also be my first time :)


Hey from SXSW - wish I could be there... well maybe ;-)