Regency Wharf, Broad Street
Birmingham, England B1 2DF

The March 2006 meeting for the Multipack.

Topic of conversation:
"Is Web 2.0 just a buzzword or is it a landmark in the Web timeline which will make a huge impact on the Web of the Future?"

There is no end time as we intend to make a night of it this time. Venue may change due to unforseen circumstances but it will definitely be in Birmingham.

Added by sijobling on March 2, 2006



I stumbled across the MultiPack site earlier today, and plan to attend this one (since you say you don't bite!). It's nice to know that there are others like me in the Midlands. :)

Since this place is likely to be pretty busy at weekends, do you guys have a little "MultiPackers here" sign to sit on your table? Just wondering how I'll find you all...



Paul, add yourself to the mailing list on the site and you'll be sent access to the good stuff.


Ah, gotcha - I didn't think of doing that after I'd signed up for the site itself. Thanks. =)


Hey I'm glad I found out about multipack. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the 4th of March meeting, but I do hope to make next months meeting, please don't let me forget! :)


I came, I saw, I asked random people if they were there for Multipack, and got a range of confused looks. Perhaps next time everyone should wear old ladies' underwear on their heads or something.