Wolverhampton Street
Walsall, England

Celebrate the Multipack's first birthday by joining us back in the original venue when there were just four of us. We'll probably venture on to other pubs in Walsall later in the afternoon.

Official Website: http://www.multipack.co.uk/

Added by sijobling on July 28, 2006



Sadly I'll be watching us play Colchester, I think if I hadn't already paid I would be skipping this match :-(


Looking forward to my first Multipack meet up!


One down - three to go (of the original clan). I'm just hoping Roobottom and Lysaght (Lanky) can make it. I'm making the effort and my wife will ready to pop with our baby!


Since it's only down the road, I haven't really got an excuse :P


@simey_j - looks like I've just answered the question I asked on your blog!
Looking forward to meeting everyone (being a Multipack/MeetUp newbie that I am).

Is anyone travelling from Derby or there-abouts? Maybe we could co-ordinate/lift-share or whatever.


Do you mean this question?

Looking forward to meeting another Derby boy.

Fallen Angel

*must remember to book train tickets* :p


I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass (again). We're combining a few birthdays into one paintball outiing, which is also happening on the 14th (damn this student life ;). Have fun all!


For anyone who is driving in, I've marked out some car parks near the Wharf Bar over on quikmaps.com...



I may be a bit late - as trains get there at 12:34 or 14:34 - apparently none betrween.
Are you likely to move on before then?


Ill be there, but i may be a little late


We won't move anywhere until about 4pm to give everyone a chance for making it.