4 Temple Row West
Birmingham, England B25NY

The start of the all new format of Multipack gatherings (meetings sound so formal).

With a firm pattern to the date of meetings (second Saturday of the month), we will also be introducing a topic for each event.

The main topic for Feb '08 will be Mac Expo which is held January 15-18th 2008 in San Francisco, California. If you want to discuss the latest offerings from Apple, the next gen iPhone, ultra-portable Macs - whatever, make sure you attend this meeting in the beautiful and grand Old Joint Stock.

Official Website: http://www.multipack.co.uk

Added by sijobling on January 1, 2008



Might be in London at the time this is on, but ill see..


I didn't realise MacExpo was a warzone!


I want lots of pictures, and freebies - preferably a MBAir! Mr Lloyd!

@ Si, where are all those Yahoo goodies you promised me ;)


@ganet he promised them you too?


might just show my face.


Sorry guys but I wont be able to make it this afternoon - parenting duties are calling.

Have a good one anyway and make you congratulate the One Black Bear boys on their great news. Take lots of pics too!