Regency Wharf, Broad Street
Birmingham, England B1 2DF

It's been a year since the Multipack was officially launched and publicised via the website. Join us in the same venue which held this event a year ago. The group will probably head down and around Brindley Place later in the day.

Official Website:

Added by trovster on November 20, 2006



Ahh my first Multipack, can we have this as mine and Ross's fist Multipack Birthday!


Sorry guys. Can't make it this weekend now - Brighton with the family is beckoning instead.

I might even pop round to Clear:Left and rearrange their letters into some expletive while I'm down there... (;)


Bah, I'll have to give even later apologies myself, as I just don't have the time this weekend - a chain reaction of things going wrong from the beginning of the week has left me with too much to catch up on. :\

I wasn't entirely sure I fancied train-hopping several times to get to Stourbridge in March, but since I'll miss this one now, I'm determined not to miss another. Besides, I think I owe a couple of you a pint or two (Owen and Andy Higgs, IIRC - which I may not), and I always repay my beer-debts. But you'll have to wait until March. ;)


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"converted to". Damn.