Regency Wharf, Broad Street
Birmingham, England B1 2DF

This is the preliminary date for the Multipack Christmas Meal. If you're interested, add your name to the list(s) so we've got an idea of numbers. The venue is bound to change as soon as we can secure a table (or 3) at a restaurant most likely in Birmingham

Official Website:

Added by sijobling on September 24, 2007



Can't make this one. Merry Xmas!


I'm originally from near Wolvo but currenting living in Leicester, anyone know how easy it would be to get there from train station? Ideally new street....

Also I take it this is open to all? I've tried registering on the multipack website but no e-mails as of yet.


hmm, again, can’t make this one, oh dear :-(


has this “preliminary date” evolved? ;-)


All who prefer to move the event to next week, say I!