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Hailed as Two of the greatest virtuosos ever to emerge from Ailey land, (Tobi Tobias, New York Magazine), Complexions Contemporary Ballet founders Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson bring their New York City-based multi-cultural dance company to Marin Center for its Bay Area Premiere on Saturday, April 5 at 8 pm. The performance will be at the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, Avenue of the Flags at Civic Center Drive in San Rafael. Tickets are $40, $35 and $25; Students 18 and under $18 and can be ordered through the Marin Center Box Office at 415-499-6800 or visit www.marincenter.org.

Complexions was founded in 1994 with Rhoden and Richardson’s vision for sharing their common appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism through dance. Their concept was to bring many artists from various disciplines into one room and let their interaction be a springboard for innovation and creativity. The Complexions dance company, performing at Marin Center, is comprised of 20 trained classical and contemporary dancers who combine the best of athleticism, lyricism and technical training and experience. In addition to their roster of gifted artists, Complexions has sought to distinguish itself by grounding their cutting-edge choreography and original music within the roots of classical dance. From point to pop, the company has harnessed various multimedia to mirror their times and to comment on the past. Inspired by social and political issues, their works have sought to ponder the human condition and explore the full-range of human emotions.

This Bay Area Premiere features:


Dwight Rhoden


Karah Abiog, Bryan Arias, William Cannon, Elysia Dawn, Christina Dooling,

Gary W. Jeter II, Natiya Kezevade, Jeremy Nedd, Kimi Nikaidoh, Christie Partelow, Sabra

Perry, Desmond Richardson, Juan Rodriguez, Ron Todorowski, Wendy White and Clifford C. Williams.

Program A

Act I



Dense, layered, beautiful, witty, mathematical, extreme, and emotional. These contrasts, dynamics, and wide range of colors are the reason for my attraction to the music of Chopin.

My new work, Dear Frederic, is an investigation of freedom within form. In it, I explore my

fascination with the whimsy Chopin creates within a structural framework, which produces

the capricious nature of his music.

Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting Design by: Michael Korsch

Music by: Frederic Chopin

Music Performed by: Henry Wong Doe

Costumes by: Jason Hadley

Performed by: Christina Dooling, Wendy White Sasser, Karah Abiog, Christie Partelow, Sabra Perry, Bryan Arias, William Cannon, Gary W. Jeter II, Juan Rodriguez and Clifford C. Williams


Act II


Gone is a trio for three men about brotherhood, survival and the struggle to live through conflict

Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting Design by: Michael Korsch

Music by: Vera Hall

Music Performed by: Odetta (The Tradition Masters, Tradition Records)

Costume by: DM Design

Performed by: Cast 1: Gary W. Jeter II, Jeremy Nedd, Bryan Arias


Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting Design by: Michael Korsch

Music by: John Mayer

Costume Design: Emilio Sosa

Performed by: Karah Abiog and Juan Rodriguez

tHe HaRdEsT bUtToN tO bUtToN

Choreography by: Abdur-Rahim Jackson

Music by: The White Stripes

Costumes by: Abdur-Rahim Jackson

Performed by: Christina Dooling


Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting by: Michael Korsch

Music by: Eric Whitacre

Music performed by: Turtle Creek Chorale

Performed by: Kimi Nakaidoh, Sabra Perry, Wendy White


Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting Design by: Nate McGaha

Music by: Roy Buchanan “When A Guitar Plays the Blues”

Costume by: Dwight Rhoden
Performed by: Cast 1: Clifford Willians, Ron Todorowski, William Cannon, Elysia Dawn, Christie Partelow



Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden

Lighting Design: Michael Korsch

Music by: Marvin Gaye

Performed by: The Company

Official Website: http://www.marincenter.org

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