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Palo Alto, California 94301

To satisfy spillover from MashupCamp, give geeks a chance to work and invent away from the corporate, suit-and-tie, climate of the main event, and to bring the spirit of SomethingCamp a bit closer to those who so desire, Socialtext will be hosting MuchoCamp alongisde MashupCamp.

Thanks to Ross, we even got the same sweet deals in terms of cool prizes if you want to pit your mashup against the main audience.

Added by jluster on February 13, 2006



SomethingCamp? when was that one?


Where do we lucky MashupCampers pick up MuchoCampers for the underground railroad to smuggle you in? Or do we just create a mashup: MuchMashCamp?


Heh, it's still to be seen who the lucky ones are. You'll see the Mucho people on the second day, which is when the geeks invade MashupCamp (see a REAL, LIFE, GEEK UP CLOSE). Just be careful, some of the suits may leash into shock.


@rmm: SomethingCamp is short for YetAnotherThingWeDoWeTagCampAtTheEndCamp.


fark, I'd really like to but gotta work monday. will folks be geeking Monday evening?


tedr: one hopes!


@tedr: one KNOWS.


So what time does it start?