King William Road
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Friday 20 October at 8pm

Saturday 21 October at 6.30pm

Arvo Volmer

Sara Macliver
Tenor José Carbo
Adelaide Symphony Chorus
Chorusmaster Carl Crossin


Symphony No. 1, Spring

Carl Orff
Carmina Burana

Orff ?s Carmina Burana is a piece of music like no other. While this music is immediately recognisable to anyone who has sat before a TV set, it is another experience altogether to witness a live performance. Inspired by ancient poems celebrating the lust for life, Orff ?s thrilling cantata unites driving rhythmic energy with seductive melodies. Complementing the energy of the choral work is Schumann?s passionate Spring Symphony, an ecstatic outpouring of love for his new wife Clara.

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