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Bluegh. I'm giving up. Despite Monday being suggested as an alternative for Sunday the first time I rang, Lucky Voice are in fact shut this Monday.

See you all in the pub on Sunday - The White Rabbit around 7pm!


As there were a number of people that were maybes for karaoke combined with my inabillity to properly organise myself (other people I can organise fine, myself - not so much) I left it a bit late to book and it turns out the whole of lucky voice is fully hired out for a private party on Sunday.

So if enough people are still interested I will try and book it for Monday night as well. It means not having a bank holiday to recover but on the other hand we would be celebrating my birthday on my actual birthday!

Let me know if you can do Monday instead, either on here, via twitter @binarytales or text me 07515 357 762.

Sorry to dissapoint anyone that was looking forward to this. I think peeps are still planning to go to the pub on Sunday though.

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This May Day Bank Holiday also happens to be my 23rd Birthday.

Thus, I have a vague plan that I have been very bad at telling people about and organising but here it is below:

Meet up at The White Rabbit around 7pm for a few drinks and then - if enough people are up for it - I will book a couple of hours of Karaoke at Lucky Voice.

Then, as we haven't been for while to help with our hangovers breakfast to I Gigi on Monday. I have checked and they are open 11 til 4ish so I though we could go about 12.

NB: Mark yourself as "I'm going" if you want to do Karaoke so I know how many to book for.

Feel free to come for just drinks, just karaoke or just breakfast or any combination there of.

That's it I guess, hope to see you there.


Added by Binarytales on April 28, 2010