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What is the MP3 Experience?
The MP3 Experience is a free, family-friendly, off-beat social gathering that brings strangers together to participate in a shared experience centered on music and being wacky. It is a spin-off of NYC-based Improv Everywhere's (with their blessing) annual "MP3 Experiment" event. Every year Improv Everywhere creates an audio track of instructions for the listener. People download this audio track and save it to their MP3 players. Then they meet up at a predetermined location and at the same time everyone presses Play. In this way everyone hears the same instructions at the same time. Instructions can range from excersize to dancing to group games to miming and more. The MP3 Experience takes the idea one step closer to home by providing an aural experience that can be played in other cities across the nation.

What do I need to participate?
All you need is yourself, a timepiece with a seconds display, a solid color shirt (Yellow, Blue, Red, Green), an MP3 Player, a camera, and a sense of adventure. All iPods are MP3 players. In fact, nearly any portable audio device (including most modern cell phones) can play MP3s. Refer to your device's instruction manual on how to use it to play MP3s. If you use an iPod you can just drag the file into iTunes. If you use Windows Media Player to sync your audio device just add the file to that library. We do not recommend burning it to a CD- portable CD players tend to skip when moving about; a $20 MP3 player will be more than sufficient to hold this file and will offer a far superior experience than a skipping CD.

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