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With an estimated 60% of Sonoma County’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from our tailpipes, we need to significantly reduce our vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in order to meet our climate protection goals. The Sonoma County Transportation Authority’s 2009 Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) will provide a blueprint for achieving these VMT reductions—but a plan is only as good as the actions that follow.

Moving Forward: Thinking Outside the Car will bring together members of the business sector, community-based organizations, government, youth, and citizens to learn about the CTP and discuss how we all can work together to implement its ambitious emission reduction strategies.


Keynote speaker: Mary D. Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board. Setting the stage for what we can expect from the State level on climate change initiatives.
Presentation of the 2009 Comprehensive Transportation Plan.
Panel discussion highlighting examples of what we can and should be doing to reduce VMT and emissions.
Interactive discussion with attendees and panelists regarding how we can work together to implement actions that will make a difference.
Closing keynote speaker: Bruce Riordan, Elmwood Consulting, specializing in transportation and global warming. A vision for the future—why we need to implement efforts to reduce VMT and transportation emissions and how it is possible to do so.

Continental breakfast, coffee and tea will be provided.

Give your car the day off and travel to Moving Forward by bus, bike or on foot. Santa Rosa CityBus routes 3, 6 and 15 offer convenient access to the Westside Transfer Center, directly across the street from the Finley Community Center. Bicycle racks are available in front of the Finley Center for bike parking.

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