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In January last year, we ran a workshop for Pioneers of Change (www.pioneersofchange.net) called Mouthing Off. A lot of people asked us to do it again. Because it was fun, because it was interesting, or because it made them completely reconsider their career (even if that wasn’t our intention).

We’re going to run the workshop again on 27th February. It will probably be exactly the same as last time. So, if you didn’t come to that one, you should come to this one. If you did come last time, then you should still come. Here’s how it works:

“This is a workshop about communication. It’s about raising awareness levels, developing practical skills, taking care and thinking on your feet in art, life and business.

It’s not about mind maps, rules, procedures or communication protocols that you need to remember.

We all know how to speak. We all know how to tell stories and communicate because we do it every day, perfectly well.

But sometimes, maybe we think too much. Sometimes, perhaps it’s better to learn to forget…”

With Briony Greenhill and Charlie Davies.

Briony works for Anti-Apathy, building environmental campaigns and trying to make people fall in love with recycling and carbon trading and things like that. She once ran a workshop in a state penitentiary in the US, has a beautiful singing voice and very short hair.

Charlie sometimes works as a writer, sometimes a teacher and sometimes not at all. He’s spent the last two years running Pick Me Up magazine and has run workshops on storytelling, improvisation and writing at the Kaospilots schools in Denmark and Holland. He moved to Brighton just before Christmas and can now see the sea from his window.

27th February 2007, 6.30 - 9pm @ The Hub, 5 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ. £6

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