Unicoi State Park at Lodge
Helen, Georgia 30545

The 2009 Mountain Social Media Summit focuses on the 4 P’s of Social Media: Personas, Problems, Projects and Profits.This is just ultimately an opportunity to do some career development and integrate your family and the environment. This is a family friendly event. What does family friendly event mean?

» Flexible breaks
» Things for the family to do in the area
» Ability to share a career weekend with the fam
All of us have to attend 4 or 5 events per year and very seldom does provide the ability to include our families. We aren’t saying bring your kids to the session, but it is an opportunity to enjoy a weekend outdoors, learn something and perhaps bring the significant other along as well. So this event provide a scenic 1000 acres of wooded trails, playgrounds and restaurant which will entertain even the pickiest of kids.

Official Website: http://mountainsocial.com

Added by jcmecke on March 22, 2009